Originally a dairy farm, Tewin Bury has been home to the Williams family, and a herd of 50 dairy cows, since 1931.

The land continues to be farmed and is still owned and worked by members of the Williams family. But many of the original buildings have been incorporated in what is now Tewin Bury Farm Hotel. A record of the remarkable heritage of Tewin Bury Farm and a visual history of its transformation can be clearly seen in the gallery of ‘now’ and ‘then’ photographs displayed on the walls of the Williams Bar & Restaurant.

It was 1980 when, looking at ways to diversify the business, the family sold the dairy herd to purchase some neighbouring farm land. A new Farm Shop was opened to sell their potatoes and other local produce and – as an experiment – four rooms in the family home were advertised as guest rooms available for visitors. The demand for rooms grew, more renovation work took place and Tewin Bury Farm Hotel was born.

As the number of guests increased the need for an on-site restaurant (rather than the farm kitchen) became obvious – and a decision was made to convert the old chicken shed into what is now the very active Williams Bar & Restaurant. This proved a huge success and provided the impetus for the family to restore and convert many of the other 17th century farm buildings into the high-specification facilities that exist today.

Tewin Bury Farm Hotel is now a popular and thriving independent hotel with 4 AA stars and an excellent reputation as a venue for weddings, ceremonies, family celebrations, conferences and meetings. But the working farm remains and the Williams brothers can often be seen managing the grounds, or driving their tractor across the yard!