Countryside hotel, restaurants, and events venue in Hertfordshire

Make yourself at home & grow with the flow

Get ready to Tewinbury...
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Hertfordshire, GB

Welcome to our countryside home

This is much more than a hotel. From our restaurants to our rooms and everything in between. Tewinbury is where everyone can come together, enjoy this special place, and all the flavours and good times on offer.

A destination with the warmest of welcomes

Hosting is what we do, and we do it well. Whether you're in the mood for live music, sports, art shows, street food, or a seasonal event, there's always something good going on.

What's your flavour?

Pull up a chair, grab a fork, get together, and just tuck in. Whatever you fancy, you can eat your heart out in our dining spaces.

What's growing?

We're always busy working on our Hertfordshire farm and looking for new ways to add home-grown ingredients to our menus.

What's good for you?

We’ll always consider the wellbeing of the land we share, the River Mimram and the wildlife - after all, they are our neighbours. So whatever we do, we do it with one eye on sustainability.

What are you planning?

Team building activities, a range of packages, and space for any type of event - big and small. Plan your next work event, Tewinbury-style.

Where are you staying?

From huts and suites to renovated farm buildings and a private house, it’s fair to say there’s plenty to pick from when planning your stay.

What shall we do?

We're certain you’ll never be bored at Tewinbury. From golf courses, to our Picturehouse and scenic walking routes, there’s plenty to do at our farm and close by.

What’s your vibe?

Live music, good food, and plenty of great times. We’re always hosting something fun and a little offbeat here.

Who are we?

A visit to Tewinbury is made up of many different experiences. From our rooms to our restaurants and all that’s in between, get ready for plenty of good times.

From our family to yours

What is now a 700-acre estate was once a dairy farm in 1931. And whilst we love the characterful destination we are today, we're proud of our farming roots and how far we've come as a family.