Ice Life Wellness at Tewinbury

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Ice Water & Breathwork therapy has endless proven benefits. From creating space for stagnant energy, memories & experiences, to opening ourselves up for what is new into our lives - it has a greatly positive impact on our mind, body and spirit!

If you fancy just a quick dip - book onto our Sunday morning 'Coffee & Plunge' using the Calendly invite below

We offer four event themes, including:

Introduction to Cold Therapy & Breathwork

Unlock Your Inner Power

Let it Go, Let it Flow

Ceremonial Shamanic


All our events are based on a 3-hour session and include:

  • Welcome and introduction creating a safe & welcoming environment for everyone
  • Warm-up using movement & music
  • Heart coherence meditation relaxing
  • Bhastrika breathing charging
  • Ice bath
  • 45-minute breathwork journey
  • Sharing circle

Whether it's your first time or practice regularly, you will always have something new to take away from the event!

Contact information:


Mobile: Jonathan 07771177956

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