The Mimram Valley


We are located along the River Mimram, one of only 200 rare chalk streams in the world, this area of Tewin Bury’s land is now recognised by the Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The Trust has recently erected a new 2 tier bird watching tower, proving to be a great facility for local conservationists and nature lovers.


A local Bee Keeper, recently approached Tewin Bury Farm to re-house surviving healthy hives after the majority of their stock had been attacked by disease. Bees are important the environment and to food crops; the bees are thriving in their new home!


Wild Orchids grow on land alongside the River Mimram but are in constant danger of being choked by the bitter grass that grows in this wetland area. Every year Tewin Bury Farm invite a herd of Long Horn cattle, the only breed that will eat this type of grass, to the their land for a ‘holiday’. The cows help these beautiful wild flowers flourish by happily munching on the grass and poaching the land alongside the river.

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